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Couple Therapy Training


Registration closed.  Please contact NECCF if you are interested in future trainings.

The very difficult work of treating distressed couples requires a clearly defined approach. Clinicians can gain confidence about offering highly effective treatment through taking this course, as it is designed to focus explicitly on the theory and practice of the powerful attachment-based model EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy).

In the past few decades, the empirically validated model of EFT has become regarded as one of the most compelling in the field. EFT is a short-term treatment model of couple therapy that has been shown to move 70–75% of couples from distress to recovery, and 90% to significant improvement. EFT provides therapists with a road map to better understand and work with the underlying recurrent patterns of couple conflict.

To work effectively with EFT, it is important to be grounded in both attachment theory and an understanding of the way emotion works. We will address both. We will focus on defining and exploring attachment styles, the biology of emotion, affect regulation, the role of defenses, and the relationship between attachment and emotion. After this theoretical grounding, we will turn to the practical application of the model, where we will spend the majority of our class time.

Class structure will incorporate didactic lecture, discussion, experiential role plays, and viewed taped sessions that illustrate specific therapeutic interventions.

After completing this course, participants will have been exposed to the 3-Stage, 9-Step model of EFT, and can expect to understand the nature of couple distress, how distress manifests in interactive behavior, and how to intervene both to reduce conflict and create a more secure relationship bond.

Previous experience working with couples is helpful but not mandatory.

Class will meet in the Fall of 2017 and early Winter of 2018, on Fridays from 2-4pm: 10/13/17, 10/27/17, 11/10/17, 11/17/17, 12/1/17, 12/15/17, 1/5/18, and 1/19/18.

Fee: $925 + $50 for CEUs


Danielle Green, LICSW
Suzanne McCarthy, PsyD 
Suzanne Marcus, LMFT 

NECCF (New England Center for Couples and Families) 
742 Massachusetts Ave. 
Arlington, MA  02476 



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